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The Greenville News Published 3:45 p.m. ET March 2, 2019

A recent letter to the editor concludes, “When it comes to medical marijuana, doctors know best,” as opposed to the drafters of a medical marijuana law in our state legislature. The writer glibly and erroneously concludes that “smoking marijuana for medical purposes is a joke.” Unfortunately, this highly prejudicial statement is grossly misleading and lends nothing to an intelligent examination of the medical marijuana subject.

For those who might be quick to agree with the aforementioned writer’s position, consider the following: “Cannabis was introduced into modern medicine in 1839 and shortly thereafter admitted to the U.S. Pharmacopia (USP) in 1861, though for sociopolitical reasons (it had nothing to do with efficacy or safety) was de-listed in 1937 against the advice of the American Medical Association.” This quote is attributed to Dr. Rav Ivker, a Colorado physician and co-founder of the American Board Of Integrative Medicine and author of a very enlightening book titled “Cannabis For Chronic Pain -– A Proven Prescription For Using Marijuana To Relieve Your Pain And Heal Your Life.”

Currently, 31 states (62 percent). plus the District of Columbia have medical marijuana laws. Many of the remaining 19 states, South Carolina included, have medical marijuana laws under consideration. As a consequence, the South Carolina Legislature has a perfect opportunity to scrutinize the various state laws, utilize the latest scientific research, and creating a model statute for our state.

So, for anyone who suffers from chronic and debilitating pain and who wishes to have a viable alternative to addictive opiates, I suggest you educate yourselves (if you haven’t already done so) on the many benefits of using cannabis for medical purposes. Then, petition your legislators, urging them to pass legislation that allows for the use of marijuana for medical purposes in South Carolina.

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Fred Del Toro 


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