Mobile could join other cities in Alabama in allowing medical cannabis dispensaries, after changes to the state law last year – depending on what the Mobile City Council does next month.

On Tuesday, the Mobile City Council kicked off discussions of an ordinance that would allow medical cannabis dispensing sites, or dispensaries, in city limits. After some debate, the council voted to table consideration of the ordinance until Dec. 13.

The ordinance, which is sponsored by four councilmembers, faced fierce opposition from Councilmember Scott Jones and a handful of citizens who spoke during Tuesday’s meeting.

“There’s nothing about enforcement in this ordinance,” Jones said. “There’s nothing about oversight, there’s nothing about regulation.”

Last year, the Alabama State Legislature authorized the production and distribution of medical cannabis and established the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, which oversees all aspects of medical cannabis in the state. The city council can choose to authorize dispensaries in Mobile, but regulation would be left, for the most part, to the commission.